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Walk C

Commencing at the Fog Bell building on Marshside Road (bus stop route 42)

walk B

forward Walk towards the coast crossing Elswick Road. On the rise, cross Marshside Road where there is a viewing screen looking out over Junction Pool and the other marsh – Rimmer’s Marsh.

forward Head along the path between the school fields and the reserve.

turn left Part way along the path another public footpath leads between the school fields and the golf course.

turn right At the end of this path, where it emerges onto Fleetwood Road, bare right, crossing over to the junction and turn into Radnor Drive.

forward There are several old cottages around Bank Nook. Follow Radnor Drive to the second road on the left, Knob Hall Lane.

turn right Turn onto the lane and again there are several fine examples of old fishermen's cottages, some still having thatched roofs although many have been modernised over the years. Follow the Lane round the bends until you reach the main road, Marshside Road (originally Marshside Lane).

Opposite is Shellfield Road, originally Danglert's Lane and prior to that another sea bank. Many more old cottages are situated on Shellfield Road as this was the centre of the fishing community.

turn left Turn left and continue along Marshside Road to return to the Fog Bell.

We hope you enjoy our suggestion for a 'Walk on the Old and Wild Side'


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