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Walk B

Commencing at the Fog Bell building on Marshside Road (bus stop route 42)

walk B

forward Walk towards the coast crossing Elswick Road. On the rise, cross Marshside Road where there is a viewing screen looking out over Junction Pool and the other marsh – Rimmer’s Marsh.

turn_right Following the path there is another viewing screen onto the marsh and then Nelly’s Hide, this is not manned.

turn_left At this point you will have to cross the busy coastal road onto the seaward side until you reach the next road junction, Hesketh Road.

There is an opportunity to rest on the seat overlooking Rimmer’s Marsh at this point.

turn_left Continuing along the left hand side of  Hesketh Road you will reach a viewing platform giving a good view back over the marsh and Fairclough’s Lake. This was originally a sea inlet through the surrounding mudflats and reached a point where the shops are located at Churchtown  traffic lights. The land on the right hand side of the road is the Municipal Golf Course.

turn_left A few metres after the viewing platform you will see a finger-post pointing to the left onto the Sefton Coastal Path. 

forward Following this path on the top of the embankment will take you back to the Fog Bell

Alternative Route and Car Parking

Car Parking is available close to the RSPB hide at the junction of Marshside Road and Marine Drive.

We hope you enjoy our suggestion for a 'Walk on the Old and Wild Side'


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