Tasks Undertaken and Achievements, 2012-17

  1. Relieved and cured severe flooding of the lake by contacting the land owners outside the gardens who allowed us to clear culvert blockages at both ends and continuing to keep them clear. Also clear accessible litter and lake debris.
  2. Renovated, painted and repaired where necessary over 70 badly weathered park benches and we continue to keep them clean and maintained.
  3. Carry out minor repairs and painting jobs to park railings and garden walls etc.
  4. Painted, cleaned and made repairs in the toilet block and now maintain the sanitary ware and plumbing. Supplied and installed toilet consumables and fitted new multi roll dispensers and hand wash soap dispensers. Supplied and fitted anti odour dispensers. Maintain facility and replenish consumables daily. We have renovated the old ticket office and Mural perimeter.
  5. We have a team of litter collectors and have a zero tolerance litter policy and concentrate on the front of the park and Aviary area keeping it clean and litter free.
  6. Spent all winter 2014 and since making the lake paths at the wild end of the lake clear of decades of solid mud and foliage to recreate and develop a nature trail.
  7. Hold 4-5 free events per year for all classes of visitor and raise funds.
  8. To reverse the filling in of the flower beds and containers we started a sponsorship scheme four years ago to pay for flowers from the Nursery, following the closure of the Nursery we now outsource plants and save and grow some in the greenhouse for summer and autumn/ spring flower bed displays. 5 large beds, a new aviary rose garden and 40 containers and baskets are now planted up by BGCA volunteers, and maintained throughout the year. Britain in Bloom awards of top level 5 outstanding have been awarded for the last three years plus in 2016 a discretional National Certificate of Distinction for excellence over a long period.
  9. We have a partnership with the cafĂ© to help and improve an in house garden centre; profits go to us to help with the purchase of plants for the gardens displays. Over £9000 per year is being generated through our regular sponsors, events, donations and the Garden Centre, which also supplies materials.
  10. We try to work well with the Council Officers and Park force staff and attend most of the many meetings that are set up etc.

We have an aspiration list of work and projects, some that need major funding, we wish the boats and land train to be back and the old Museum building to be put to good public benefit, and a proper base for us to hang our hats on. The scenic lake needs dredging and its infrastructure restored.

The very popular Aviary and Fernery to be enhanced and BCCA to continue to gain top awards which are good for all our supporters, the Council the public and us!

Over 10,000 volunteer hours have been worked over last three years, all funds raised are for the benefit of the Gardens, but major funding is required to complement this.
David Cobham (Chairman)