2016 Gardens in Bloom

We entered the Botanic Gardens in the North West in Bloom awards again in 2013 after a lapse, as we have helped to retain and restore all the flower beds and containers that were due to be grassed over or abandoned.

We are very pleased to say that the Botanic Gardens are once again in award winning splendour and have risen from level 4 out of 5 “Thriving” in 2013, to the highest accreditation of level 5 “Outstanding” awarded by the RHS judges in 2014 and again in 2015. (See photo Gallery for 2015 displays)

The award is judged on Horticultural excellence, Environmental Initiative and Community Involvement.

The flowers in 2013 and 2014 had been grown and planted by the Nursery and gardens staff and paid for through our sponsorship scheme.

In 2015 despite our sponsorship funding it, the council Plant Nursery with remaining staff was closed and plants were supplied by quality local growers and paid for from our fundraising scheme.

We are indebted to the two former Nursery staff that helped and advised on planting out the award winning sponsored gardens in 2015.

The BGCA volunteers maintained the sponsored displays throughout the summer, and after the summer have replanted all the beds with 3500 Polyanthus, Wallflowers and Tulips all paid for with our fundraising contributions, and ready to flower in spring 2016. (See Gallery)

The BGCA volunteers have assisted with the general gardens maintenance for over 4 years now and obtained over 30 local business and individual sponsors, without these funds there would have been very few beds and containers with flowers, and entry into the prestigious Britain in Bloom awards would not have been possible and also Southport would have struggled to attain its high Resort award.

We thank all our generous sponsors for their support in enabling the Botanic Gardens to Bloom again. If you wish to be a sponsor please contact us, all funds are ploughed back into the Park.