2016 update on aspirations put to Sefton Council in 2012

Lottery or other funding to be applied for in some cases.

  • The Lake - Dredge and repair edges, needs major funding. (Sefton council)
    A Long standing Culvert blockage was cleared by BGCA in November 2012 to cure flooding.
    We would like the traditional boating to return.
  • Lake Paths - Repaired (Sefton Council) Nature trail lake paths now restoring by BGCA.
  • The Aviary - Refurbish with new species signage (Sefton Council) Refurb completed.
  • The Toilet Block - Refurbish. Sefton Council and BGCA volunteers.
    Painted in 2014 by our volunteers who now maintain the interior daily)
  • Tyhe Bridges - Refurbish and paint. (Sefton Council) BOTH BRIDGES now painted.
  • Donated Bench Seats - Repair, strip and paint. Work in progress by BGCA volunteers, 70 now completed and maintenance ongoing.
  • The Old Boathouse - Demolish and renew if required. (NOW DEMOLISHED)
    The Old Ticket office is now being refurbished internally by the volunteers.
  • Boats and Landtrain - Reintroduce concession. Adverts placed, still available.
  • Bandstand - Construct a new vandal proof facility. Funding required.
  • Flowerbeds - Many Sponsors for seasonal beds, vases and containers successfully obtained by BGCA (we now plant and maintain most beds etc).
    Rated as THRIVING in 2013 and OUTSTANDING in 2014 and 2015 by RHS IN BLOOM judges.
  • Trees - Develop existing Arboretum and Nature Trail and manage existing. (Sefton Council)
    Install descriptive plaques of the flora and fauna to be seen in gardens. (BGCA).
  • Rear End of Gardens and Lake - Developing into a tidy Wildlife Nature Trail area. Some funding required. (BGCA) Playing field is in need of drainage improvements. (Sefton Council)
  • BGCA Volunteers - Carrying out designated garden and infrastructure work in partnership with remaining Gardens staff and council, and to encourage association with other community groups to give maximum benefit to the Gardens.
    Sadly the plant Nursery closed 2015, BGCA to now source and plant out quality blooms and maintain same, funded by sponsors, donations, and events. Aim is to have seasonal plants all year round again.
  • Sefton Council - BGCA working closely with officers to achieve our aspirations.
  • Old Museum Building - BGCA seeking to work with Sefton Council to obtain Heritage Lottery funding to renovate the whole building and bring into line with modern safety and facility requirements. To create a North Meols local Heritage/History room on the top floor and to retain local artefacts from the previous museum with additional displays, education and ancestry facilities.
    A Victorian Tea Room on ground floor has been proposed and other rooms to come into community use.
    (Talks ongoing with Council to form a management group with a view to develop the building)

D C Cobham (Chairman) January 2016